This article reffers to Real-World WARS Material.

This is a timeline of WARS stories, posted here for conveniance of reference. The order of the Decipher short stories is direcly cut-and-pasted text from a list made by former WARS product manager Chuck Kallenbach. Expansions to this list from Grail Quest Books fiction are made independently by this Wiki.


The Great Journey by Sean E. Williams (Higen Shigen segments, June 2069-June 2076)

Firefight at the Overwatch Command by Jim Perry (Chapter 1, April 10th, 2374)

Healers and Hunters by Nathan P. Butler (September 9th-16th 2388)

The Great Journey by Sean E. Williams (Higen Orochito segments, September 19th-30th 2388)

Firefight at the Overwatch Command by Jim Perry (Chaper 2 onwards, September 25th 2388.) Cloud by Erika Stensvaag (Battle of Phobos, Earth-Gongen War, 2388)

AFTER THE RIFT (Sunday, October 6, 2391) A Monster Among Monsters by Michael A. Stackpole (Inca Squadron fights Hekatons) Keeping Score by Chuck Kallenbach II (A Luhus hunter cleans out an Earther asteroid) Anticipation by Chuck Kallenbach II (Jossel Swin stripped of his rank) Playing by the Rules by Mark Tuttle (Jack Wilgress finds out about Kizen) Return to Gaspara Station by Mark Tuttle (Earthers attack Alnak Station)

STARHAWK & TORAKO 1. A Matter of Life and Death by Michael A. Stackpole (Our Heroes fight Shi on an asteroid) 2. The First Arrow Was Light, But the Second Went Deep by Michael A. Stackpole (the Shi heals) 3. Accord Negotiation by Chuck Kallenbach II (Red-Jane has killed some Kujiko Gongen) 4. Even in Defeat, A Beautiful Performance by Michael A. Stackpole (Our Heroes talk to Kinnet) 5. Your Life Is Already Lost! by Michael A. Stackpole (Starhawk duels Oushi)

VENUS 1. Don't Divulge the Whole at Once by Evan Lorentz (Earthers analyze Shi ship and pilot) 2. Weight of Command (Shi recover ship and pilot)

TRAG WARS: QUAY ATTACK GONGEN ON GANYMEDE 1. Rousing Leap by Chuck Kallenbach II (Quay attack Deigan Gongen mine) 2. Claim Jumper by Michael O. Brien (Mavericks search Deigan mine)

TRAG WARS: GONGEN ATTACK EARTHERS ON GANYMEDE 1. Followers Have Neither Peace Nor Rest by Michael A. Stackpole (Sheria Coreg graduates) 2. When the Mind is Realized, the Body is Free by Chuck Kallenbach II (prelude and history) 3. When the Mind and Body Become One by Chuck Kallenbach II (The Accord finds out about traginium) 4. The Agrippa Encounter by Kyle Heuer (Jylan Rathe sets a trap) 5. Nowhere to Hide Parts 1 and 2 by Tim Ellington (Ikazuchi Gongen attack Howler's Earthers) 6. Rolling Thunder by Michael O' Brien (two Mavericks joyride some Juggernauts)

QUAY ON EARTH (EDGE OF A SWORD PREVIEW) Family Matters by Mark Tuttle (Quay assassins kidnap an Earther child)