Chindon Relk in the WARS "Nowhere to Hide" Card set.

Chindon Relk is a CISyn agent who used to be a General for the CGC.

"Relk is one of CISyn's new recruits. He can't remember much about his past, but that seems to be common in his current assignment." -Flavor Text


Chindon Relk was a Colonel at the Black Rock CGC training facility in Utah. While running it, no trainee passed the 18th percentile, untill Jack Wilgress came along. After Wilgress broke Relk's records flamboyantly in front of General Xander , he began a long standing grudge against Wilgress, which culminated in Relk kidnapping Wilgress' lady friend "Killer" Cait Grimalkin . By this time Relk was General, in charge of the Overwatch Command Facility on the Gongen moon of Phobos . Wilgress, who had defected and become a Maverick , raided the facility and rescued Cait. Relk's failure lead to him being transferred to CISyn, after having his memory wiped, where his skilled could be used from a clean slate with his grudge against Wilgress not getting in the way.

Personal TraitsEdit

Relk enjoyed cuban cigars, and would chew on one even when he couldn't smoke one. He had a quick temper, and could easily be turned to anger and long term grudges. Now, he is a shell of his former self, operating with the same skills, but none of the passion.